What We Teach

The Zen MMA kickboxing program is based on the discipline of authentic Muay Thai as taught and practiced in Thailand. Muay Thai is one of the oldest and most effective forms of kickboxing and is unique in allowing punches, kicks, knees,  elbows, clinch fighting, throws, and takedowns. While many forms of  modern kickboxing are limited to punches and kicks such as K-1.

Meet Our Head Muay Thai Instructor


Kru Phon Narupai

With over 200 professional fights in Thailand and more than 30 years of training great Thai fighters you won't want to miss training with Kru Phon.  Kru Phon teaches all our Muay Thai classes between February and August.  Check out our Blog if you would like to learn more about Kru Phon.

What You Can Expect

From your first Muay Thai class, you’ll understand why everyone raves about our kickboxing classes in Ottawa. Our members love the experience they get and the results they see from taking our kickboxing classes.  Classes are fun, the facility is super clean, and our  instructors genuinely care about the success you experience in our Muay Thai program.  Walk into our Ottawa gym any day and you will find the training environment bright, clean, and inviting. 

Each Muay Thai class offers a total body workout; incorporating  sculpting exercises and conditioning methods designed to transform your body, and give you the best calorie burning workout for your time.  Unlike Cardio Kickboxing, this is the real deal for burning calories.  All Zen Muay Thai Classes in Ottawa are taught by professional Muay Thai instructors, teaching real Muay Thai techniques for REAL fitness and self defense results!


How We Do It

Our members are regular folks like yourself who love a good workout.  The classes expose students to a progression of techniques and training tools such as punching bags, focus mitts, Muay Thai pads, slappers, partner training and other fitness tools such as medicine balls, dumbbells,  skipping ropes, strengthening straps, and more. 

Muay Thai classes at Zen allow our students to learn the techniques in a progressive and logical way. Our Ottawa kickboxing classes are divided into two levels.  Level I kickboxing classes for beginners has an emphasis on stances, movement, boxing in addition to punching combinations, kicks and basic knees and elbow techniques.  Our level II advanced kickboxing class adds more complicated punching and kicking combinations, in depth  knees, elbows, and clinch techniques and more difficult kicks. 

10 Benefits of Kickboxing

Gain Personal Confidence

Reduce Stress

Burn Mega Calories - 500 per class!

Tone Your Entire Body

Boost Your Energy Levels

Improve Coordination and Balance

Build Speed and Strength

Improve Flexibility

Learn a New Skill and Avoid Gym Boredom

Improve Your Posture

Zen Mixed Martial Arts female kickboxer.

Muay Thai For Beginners

Everyone is welcome in our classes. We were all once beginners.  We have new students joining our classes every week, so you'll never be the newest person for very long.  If you've been thinking about doing it for a while, there's no time like the present.  Come in and try a free class with no obligation and see if it's the right martial art for you.  You'll never know if you don't try!


If your dream is to fight in the ring for the Zen Martial Arts Fight Team, we will help you train for the toughest and best local, provincial, national and international competitions. Our team members regularly compete in local fights. It's our goal to prepare them for success at the Muay Thai Canada Provincials and Nationals, and eventually international fights including Thailand.


Test drive the Zen experience with a complimentary introductory class. Classes are available for all ages, skill levels, and genders. Kindly leave your contact information and we will get right back to you.

Better yet, see us in person!

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